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Storie che non interessano a nessuno | Il blog di wow

Il blog di wow

Riflessioni non richieste su giornalismo, politica, economia, televisione

Storie che non interessano a nessuno


Financial Times

December 4-10 2009
The most read stories from the past week.


1.  Berlusconi accused by Mafia hitman

2.  GE chief attacks executive ‘greed’

3.  Bankers furious at UK bonus supertax

4.  Greece downgraded over high debt

5.  France
follows UK on bank bonus tax

6.  Russia to supply India with nuclear reactors

7.  Kuwait fund sells $4bn Citi stake

8.  Darling to raise national insurance

9.  Dubai World prepares to sell overseas assets

10. China
eyes industrial bases in Africa

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